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Awards - Papers Submitted - Posters

Thursday 1 July 2010, by Martine Cellier

UIC Sustainability Awards 2010

UIC and RENFE proudly thank all papers presenters, members of the jury of the Awards and posters presenters for the high quality of their contributions.

UIC is happy to congratulate all the winners of the UIC Sustainability Awards 2010!

1st Prize

SBB project submitted by Rémy Chrétien

- Submitted Abstract: SBB’s Engagement for Sustainable Mobility: Taking the Next Step

- Appraisal of the Jury click here

2nd Prize

DB Schenker Rail and DB Passenger Transport project submitted by Petra Peres & Klaus Vestner

- Submitted Abstract: CO2-free products of Deutsche Bahn - Eco Plus and Bahn Corporate Eco Plus

- Appraisal of the Jury click here

3rd Prize

- NSB project submitted by Andreas Hægstad & jan Vetle Moen

- Submitted Abstract: Energy Measurement and Management in NSB

- Appraisal of the Jury click here

Special Prize of the Jury

- NRIC project submitted by Vasil Tomov

- Submitted Abstract: Railway activitiees on biodiversity conservation and protection of habitats

- Appraisal of the Jury click here

Winners, jury and organisers

All Papers and posters presented for the 2010 UIC Sustainability Awards

All the abstracts submitted for the 2010 UIC Sustainability Awards were of great interest for the railway sector.
You will find them listed below as well as some of the presented posters illustrating the submitted abstracts.

- Agents Chap submission by Hub Cox

Agents Chap Abstract: Trainer project

- Alliance Pro Schiene & TSB-FAV submission by Martin Schipper

Alliance Pro Schiene & TSB-FAV Abstract:
Energy Efficiency and Environmental Criteria in the awarding of regional rail transport vehicles and services

- DLR (German Aerospace Centre Institute submission by Mr zu Hörste, Tilo Schumann, K. Gerlach

DLR Abstract:Combination of train driver assistance and trackside systems for energy-efficient railway operation

DLR Poster

- DB AG 2nd Submission by Ulrich Ostermayer

DB AG Abstract Ecotrainbook
Driver assistance system

- Infraguider Submission by Marina Fracchia & Paolo Contestabile (UIC)

Infraguider (EU-Project, several partners Abstract

- JR West Submission by Takashi Aso

1) JR West Abstract: JR West Actions to reduce CO2 emissions ASO 19IV2010 pdf

JR West Poster

- KRRI Submission by Cheul-Kyu LEE, Phirada Pruitichaiwiboon & Yong-Ki Kim

1)KRRI Abstract: Study on the CO2 reduction effect through development of
End-of-Life railway vehicle recovery treatment system

2) KRRI Abstract: Development of environmental performance evaluation tool for EPD of railway vehicle

3) KRRI Submission by Jae-Joung LEE
KRRI Abstract: A Study on the Korean Railroad’s GHG Reduction Strategies for Counteracting Climate Change

KRRI Poster

- KPMG Submission by Hub Cox on behalf of Mr Barend van Bergen

KPMG/ProRail Abstract: The CO2-Performance ladder and complement of information

- npsp Submission by Willem Böttger

npsp Abstract Innovative, very light and strong, composite train nose

npsp Press release

- NS Submission by Wim Oosterwijk

NS Abstract: No time to lose in saving energy. NS reduces energy reduction by refurbishment of rolling stock

NS Poster

- NSB 2nd Submission by Andreas Hægstad & Jan Vettle Moen

NSB Abstract: NSBs energy project; reducing train energy consumption.

NSB Poster

- RAI Submission by Hamidreza Ahady (Ahadi) Dolatsara,
Mahmoud Ghaedamini & Yosof Ghaedamini

RAI Dilemma between choosing experienced or educated employee in Railway Projects.

RAI Poster

- RENFE Submission by José Antonio Jiménez, Ignacio Ribera, Alfonso Serrano, Paloma Cucala, Antonio Fernández, Carlos Sicre

RENFE Abstact: Spanish high speed trains. Energy efficiency in operation: driving designs based on simulation

- SBB 2nd Submission by Remy Chrétien

SBB 2nd Abstract SBB’s climate protection initiative

SBB 3rd Submission by Markus Halder & Matthias Tuchschmidt

SBB 3rd Abstract mobitool.ch – Supporting sustainable corporate mobility

- SNCF by Alexandre Kaddouri

SNCF Abstract Sustainability at work and SNCF leadership

SNCF Poster

- SusStations Project (EU Project; several partners) by Richard Watts

SusStations Abstract