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Presentations made by the Conference Speakers

Thursday 24 June 2010, by Martine Cellier

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First, let us present the experts who made the conference!
Speakers, Moderators and Papers Presenters short biographies and photos (Speakers’Book)

Programme - Final Programme

Day 1: Wednesday 16 June 2010

Openning Ceremony

Welcome - Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, DG, UIC

The EU Transport Policy and the Role of Rail -
Zoltán Kazatsay, Deputy director DG MOVE, EU Commission

Sustainable Transport in the United Nations Perspective-
Kamala Ernest, Programme Officer Transport, UNEP

Moving Towards Sustainable Mobility-
Joachim Kettner, DBAG, & Chairman UIC EES Platform

The Spanish Railway Case

Madrid-Seville High Speed Train (AVE) -
Cecilio Gómez Comino, Director High Speed and Long Distance Passenger, Renfe

Commuter (Cercanías) Services -
Lucas Calzado Arija, Director Regional Trains, Renfe

Interoperability -
Antonio Lanchares. Renfe

Sustainable Rail Cases

The western High Speed Rail Alliance: from Las Vegas to Salt lake -
John Inglish, President Utah Transit Authority

Korean Railroad’s CO2 Reduction Strategies -
Jae-Young Lee, Korean Rail Research Institute

Action by JR West to reduce CO2 emissions_ Introduction -
Takashi Aso, JR West

Action by JR West to reduce CO2 emissions - Presentation -
Takashi Aso, JR West

Sustainable transport Models of to-morrow

Lessons after Copenhagen Conference -
Domingo Jiménez Beltrán, former Director EEA

Keeping Climate Change Solutions on Track -
Holger Dalkmann, Transport Research Laboratory

Rail Freight Solutions for Greening Logistics -
Oliver Sellnick, Director Freight, UIC

Role of Rail as a base of a Future Sustainable Transport System - Peder Jensen, European Environment Agency (EEA)

Day 2: Thursday 17 June 2010

Thematic workshops

WS 1: Energy Efficiency and CO2

Introduction to Energy Efficiency - Henning Schwarz, UIC

Energy efficiency technologies and decision support - the Railenergy project - Mads Bergendorff, Macroplan

UIC/UNIFE -Technical Recommendations (TecRec) - Enno Wiebe, UIC

Spanish high speed trains. Energy efficiency in operation: driving designs based on simulation - José Antonio Jimenez, Renfe

WS1 Energy Efficiency and CO2 Conclusions - Henning Schwarz, UIC

WS 2: Noise reduction
- 1. Introduction and National legislation, part1 Part2->[doc533] Part3Part4Part5Part6part7

- 2. Ins and out->doc539]

- Conclusions

WS 3: Polluted Soils & Sustainable Land Use

Soil remediation and Urban (re)development - Bas van den Griendt, General Manager Environmental and Sustainable Affairs, Bouwfonds.


WS 4: Sustainable Mobility
- introduction
- Summary

Sustainable Rolling Stock

Alstom - Fernando Sunyer - Marketing Director

Bombardier Video - Climate is Right

CAF - Salvador Luelmo - Director of Area

Siemens - Carlos Nierhaus – Rolling stock Business Unit Director

Talgo - José María Gonzálvez - I+D Dept. Project Head

Vossloh - Román Ortega – National Client Assistant Manager

"Catching up" on latest developments

Ulrich Ostermayer, DB AG

The Sustainability of High Speed -
Ignacio Barrón de Angoiti, UIC Director Passenger

Adaptation of Climate change – The ARISCC project -
Margrethe Sagevik, UIC & Matthias Mather, DB AG

"Catching up" on Rail Sector Best Practises

Bahn Corporate Umwelt-Plus & Eco Plus
Klaus Vestner, Deutsche Bahn Passenger Transport & Petra Peres, DB Schenker Rail

Energy Measurement and Management in NSB
Jan Vetle Moen & Andreas Haegstad, NSB

Taking care Together for less CO2
Ger van der Wal, ProRail

Railway Activities on Biodiversity conservation
Vasil Tomov, NRIC Bulgaria

SBB’s Engagement for Sustainable Mobility
Remy Chretien, SBB

UIC Sustainability Awards

Presentation of the Results by Henning Schwarz and Margrethe Sagevik

Conclusions of the 11th UIC sustainability Conference

Conclusions of the 11th UIC sustainability Conference -
Jerzy Wisniewski, Director of Fundamental Values Department of UIC